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Karla Rossetti Pippins founded Riverside Wealth Management to help her own family manage their wealth.  The initial objective was to “manage the managers.”  The purpose was to oversee those who were in charge of protecting and growing her family’s investments, preserve their current lifestyle, and make sure there were no surprises in their financial plan.  What she discovered, leveraging her complex problem-solving and strategic consulting skills gained at Accenture, changed her career path, and she became a financial advisor and wealth management expert.  Mrs. Pippins became dedicated to learning all she could about how to prudently manage money and protect assets.  She then began building the infrastructure to successfully serve her family needs beyond investing, to make sure they were “buttoned up” in all the other areas of their financial life.

After having developed the structure and foundation to successfully serve her own family, Mrs. Pippins was asked to help a friend of the family manage their family money.  She quickly discovered that many other smart and successful friends and family had a need for someone they trusted to help them protect their lifestyle and take the worry out of thinking about money.  Mrs. Pippins and her team now work exclusively with a limited number of successful women and couples to help them gain control of their financial life.

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to taking care of your financial life.  We often discover issues in the different areas of your financial life that you may not be aware of and that, if not addressed, could have catastrophic consequences and might prevent you from achieving your goals.

Our Specialty

We specialize in helping women and couples.  We work well with successful women and with couples in situations where the husband wants to ensure that if he is not able to manage their financial life, his wife will have someone she can talk to and trust to take care of her.

Our Passion

Mrs. Pippins and her team are passionate about sharing with you what they have learned about how to prudently manage and protect your money, because it is so different from what you hear, see and read in the media.


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